Productivity, Process and Things I've Learned So Far at My New Job

March 6, 2021

When I started out working in digital marketing, it took me time to getting used to working fast, learning fast, and moving projects (as mentioned) fast.


Some of it was because I didn’t really know what I was doing and I was worried about not catching up with people in the industry.


When, I got over that period of time, I got into compulsion mode. I could only produce things fast so I could move faster in my career.


As I've gotten older, I keep learning that my value in work is taking things slow and steady.


I know what you’re thinking – that this is probably a weird subject to talk about, but I wanted to bring up what I’m learning from currently from my experiences of taking my career slowly.


1.    First off, going slow is so much better for my mental health


Aside from feeling impending doom from the pandemic most days, my work-life balance is much better.


I’m not talking about stopping work/starting work – what I’m referring to is compartmentalizing work.


My process for creating before was as follows:

a.    Think of something to write

b.    Writing something

c.     Doing some research

d.    Writing some more

e.    Researching

f.     Editing

g.    Scraping

h.    Editing


Maybe it’s my ability to work on one product, research and create things, and promoting them, but it’s not my process anymore.


It’s not as manageable as I thought it was and the environment I work in doesn’t really require me to work fast.


What I learned about going fast or going slow in work environments is it depends on the business’ sales cycle.


For instance, at previous workplaces, I was either in the beginning stages of their growth or arrived when they needed help growing their presence that was non-existent online.


But now I’m working somewhere that has steady growth, steady owners, and wants to hit the accelerator on some marketing opportunities they haven’t had time to dedicate time.


My process now before creating is:

a)   Keyword research, market research, compile examples, and document what you want to create

b)  Present to the team

c)   Outline the piece

d)  Write the piece

e)   Edit the piece


This process gave me back at least 15 hours in my work week on getting the specifics right.


2.    Secondly, haste makes waste and I was really inclined to being hasty


I don’t want to trash any work I’ve done before since there was a time and a place for going fast and furious. But my circumstances have (thankfully) changed.


When you’re working in-house versus an agency, you can take the time to go slow. Aside from that, you need to give yourself permission togo slow.


Any time you spend on perfecting something, the better it’ll come out and the more likely people will enjoy what you’ve created.


I created over 45 pieces of work already and have only published a few. And you want to know why?


Because I needed to take it slow, do more research, and outline before doing anything else.


My hope is that I’ll get better at learning to not being perfect and just perfectly trying my best.


My research process usually takes a few days and writing then takes about a week.


3.    Lastly, being young means more putting in your dues and I need to accept it


To be quite frank, the reason I joined the team was becauseI was pretty much breathing outreach and eating links for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


It seemed like a natural next step for me to join an SEO platform as their product and growth marketer.


But I didn’t realize how much I would need to learn patience. And I’m thankful to have the flexibility to admit that and work hard at getting more efficient in my processes.


I used to hold onto a ton of stress and hold myself to an unattainable standard. The truth is: I need to make room for myself as I continue to grow.


The one good thing about being naturally persistent is that even though I might feel vulnerable being patient, I’m getting better at being a collaborator. It’s producing better work for the team.


My mentor the past few weeks has been reminding me every time I feel uncomfortable with this growing phase that I’m putting too much pressure on myself and that I need to put in my dues.


I don’t want to feel defeated by my age and still gaining more experience, but I know it’s a weak spot of mine.


My goal for the rest of the month of March is to keep working on patience, my work process, and my mental wellbeing.

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